Branding Through Green Packaging - Ten Innovative Packaging Designs

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With the increasing awareness of “Green Packaging” various brands are turning towards it. As packaging is one of the essentials to grab customers’ attention every retailer tries to come up with a mind boggling packaging design. It is a wrong notion that environment friendly packaging is dull and can’t be made interesting. I have picked up a few spectacular examples of eco friendly cardboard packaging designs. You’ll be amazed at the creativity of these designs. The concept of “Go Green Packaging” combined with the innovation in design can work wonders for your brand. Get inspired!

Sustain Soap Packaging

This soap box has three cool labels. The brand has printed the graphics of tiger, orangutan and alligator on their boxes which gives them a more natural touch. Each of the boxes has an interesting caption along with the image. Usually soap boxes have their contents listed at the back of the package but this one has “Wash your hands of unsustainable palm oil” written on the front side. This soap packaging clearly has an earthly touch.

Cook It Kitchen Gadgets’ Packaging

Designed by Carly Wright, this is an example of packaging that speaks for the product. These culinary products are targeted for young chefs therefore the packaging is interactive and simply awesome. This packaging is intended for rebranding and as you can see that the designer has nailed it. The boxes are plainly delightful and draw attention straight away.

The Cardboard Life Box

Paul Stemets is indeed an inspiration for designers working on “green packaging designs.” This cardboard life box designed by Paul has seeds implanted in it. The box has a reasonable size to package any product in it and after using it, toss it down into the garden. I am really impressed with this super green packaging design. What about you?

Lee Skinny Jeans’ Packaging

The brand came up with this mind blowing packaging design to endorse their skinny jeans’ range. Being eco-friendly and different these boxes have definitely given a competitive edge to “Lee”. This kind of packaging can play a significant role in marketing new products. I hope to see more creative clothing packaging in future!

The Standard Wax Candle Packaging

Cleverly designed by Travis Laude, this organic packaging design complements the handmade candles of the respective brand. The simple brown recyclable candle boxes with the logo in white look simply nature inspired. When you open the box the product takes you to the time when candles were sacred, romantic or magical.

Creamwheat Packaging

Though this packaging carton maybe somewhat unconventional for cereal but I find it really appealing. You would be bluffed with this packaging as it really looks like a dairy milk carton. Kate Mikutowski has combined the elements of simplicity, uniqueness and sustainability. I reckon more cereal brands would employ Kate’s strategy in their packaging.

The Doss Blockos Beer Packaging

This beer packaging box is not conventionally flashy. The box holds 6 bottles all of which are wrapped in brown paper. A plain cardboard design yet it is handy and worth noticing. It gives the product a natural feel and reminds you of the handmade beer. Doss Blockos has given its consumers a really striking packaging design which is also environment friendly.

Kiwi Talisman Packaging

This compelling cardboard packaging design truly defines the product it carries. Designed by Inch Advertising agency of Ukraine, these cartons are not only attractive but also capacious to store the product that is papier mache animals. Green, white and black colors are used on the abstract shaped boxes which makes them more noticeable. There is a holding handle in every box. Undoubtedly one of the best organic packaging designs ever!

Laucke Flour Packaging

Food packaging has always been too colorful and imagery to draw attention. With the increasing popularity of green packaging it has somewhat become dull. But Laucke Flour packaging design is a balanced blend of traditional and organic. Targeted for bakers, this design fulfills all the parameters of an aesthetically pleasing and recyclable packaging.

Librito De Mi Packaging

An excellent example of personalized packaging as many of us would think of it. Designed by Atolon De Mororoa the box is intended to store the children story books; a fantastic design with clouds and a blue tag which makes it more like a gift box. Children would feel excited to have stories handed over to them in such exciting boxes; the joy of receiving a gift out of such a classic packaging is indeed unforgettable.



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