Ten Packaging Designs I Wish I had Designed!

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We come across several kinds of packaging products each day. The designs which are unique make a product noteworthy. Different brands are competing hard to provide their customers exclusive packaging designs. A striking packaging label is the one that is attractive, conveys a terse message and convinces the consumer to buy the product. Here I am listing ten enticing packaging designs that are significant for their artistry and appeal.

McDonald’s Fries’ Boxes

McDonald’s Fries’ Boxes Design by Ben Frost

The boxes designed by the legendary artist Ben Frost are remarkable for their creativity. Portraying pop art and acrylic through McDonald’s product packaging he implied how pop culture and fast food are popular in the society. The glimpses of street art can also be seen on this packaging design. The fries’ boxes have Simpsons, batman, family guy and pop icons drawings with pertinent yellow and red color schemes.

Morrison’s “Love in a Cup”

Morrison’s “Love in a Cup” Packaging Design

UK’s superstore Morrisons made their tea bags a hot selling item through insightful packaging design. The credit of this likable packaging goes to the Elmwood agency. Love in a cup has different captions for each brew. The fonts are peculiar and handwritten which make them innovative.

Deutsch Design Works’ Face Cups

Deutsch Design Works’ Face Cups Packaging Design

The face cups are designed by Jess Giambroni whose artistic prowess can be explicitly viewed through this product. These cups have received a positive reception. Sketches and stenciling always looks inspirational. The popularity of face cups is a motivation for sketchers; their work can be turned in to superb packaging ideas.

Smirnoff’s Caipiroska Peelable Bottle

Smirnoff’s Caipiroska Peelable Bottle Packaging Design

The Brazilian alcohol company Smirnoff launched their product bottles with the lemon, berries and passion fruits peels. The purpose of this brilliant packaging design is to make the consumers feel that they are having a refreshing and natural drink. The man behind this innovation is J Walter Thompson.

Pulp Frictions’ Drink Canes

Pulp Frictions’ Drink Canes Movie Inspired Packaging Design

Pulp Friction’s nutritional drinks are packaged in canes that have dreamy color schemes and cinematic names like “Blueberry Velvet” and “Black cherry Swan”. Woody Harrington is credited with this remarkable design that is movie inspired. The added details on these carbonated drink canes like nutritional facts are also given in a theatrical manner. Movie junkies are in love with this cool packaged drink.

Visual Advice’s Milk packaging

Visual Advice’s Incredible Milk packaging Design

Visual Advice is a UK design studio, commendable for its supreme packaging artworks. The classic Milk packaging introduced by this agency is eye catching and handy. This milk carton can be modified to desired specifications depending upon the quantity to be packaged.

NYC Spaghetti

NYC Spaghetti Packaging Designed by Alex Creamer

Dieline award winner, this packaging design was created by Alex Creamer. The base of the package is shaped like Chrysler building. Spaghetti when placed in the box makes a skyscraper form. The simple yet marvelous packaging idea turned this university project in to a phenomenal success.

Two Hoots

Two Hoots Packaging Design

This funky wine label packaging was designed by Maegan Brown to match the traits of the product with the target audience. The owls on each label have distinctive characteristics just like the wines that have different flavors. Screaming and dotted owls on Cabernet Rose and Merlot complement the aromas of the respective wines.

Pasta La Vista

Being the brand of variety ofItalian handmade macaroni products; Pasta La Vista made their packaging attention grabbing by having the boxes shaped like four chefs with names Mario, Francesco, Giovanni and Francesca. Andrew Gorkovenko designed these pasta boxes to make the potential consumers relate with the product. The windows in the boxes reveal each kind of pasta. This is a clever packaging design which endorses that cooking pasta can be so much fun.

Flash Fiction Matchbooks

Flash Fiction Matchbooks packaging design

The renowned designer Woody Harrington took inspiration from Lou Beach’s work for crafting these fictional matchbooks. Nine matchbooks have different stories; titles and color themes comply with each specific tale. Harrington’s story telling matchbook design is laudable for its aesthetic touch.

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