Iconic Album Cover Designs of 70s - What Made Them so Iconic?

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Victor de LaPrade gauged music as “the incontestable emotion that induces in us a sense of the infinite and the contemplation of the invisible.”

Disco as the new genre of music became very popular in North America, Europe and Oceania in the seventies. Jazz fusion, smooth jazz and funk also gained wider acclaim in the middle of that decade. The mid and late 70s saw the growth of rock and punk rock. Reggae, hip hop and classical were also listened by a multitude of music junkies. The album covers are emblem of each genre of music and are designed in an artistic way to create an astounding impression on the music fans. The most popular album covers of seventies are still a souvenir for the music lovers. 

Dark side of the moon

Dark side of the moon album cover

'Dark side of the moon' by Pink Floyd the most applauded English band is remarkable for its label and theme. The album was launched in 1973 and as it was based on the bands’ initial music ideas; the cover truly depicts the themes of the album. The songs in the album are about greed, conflict, time and illness. The cover has a black ground which displays the album’s mood quite effectively. One of the most appreciated albums of seventies; Dark side of the moon became a magnificent hit because of its classy and innovative album cover.

London Calling

London Calling album cover

'London Calling' is the most exciting album by the rock band “The Clash”. Released in 1980 the album was incredible for its invigorating touch. The music genres of funk, pop, soul and jazz are experimented quite competently by the Clash. The themes of the album were racism, drug abuse and redundancy. The album cover became very inspirational with the youth; it conveys the subject matter of the album quite efficiently. The colors in the album cover depict a dismal mood which totally complies with the songs’ lyrics. 

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers album cover

'Sticky Fingers' is a great album by “The rolling stones” which made a glorious success across the globe. Hard rock and blues were played quite spectacularly by this band. The album “sticky fingers” earned the band an eminent individuality. Cover of “sticky fingers” was applauded by the rolling stones fans worldwide because of its trendy and unique outlook.

Morrison Hotel

Morrison Hotel album cover

'Morrison Hotel' by “The Doors” received great anticipation in the seventies. The album cover was simple yet classic. Having the picture of band members in a cafe’; the color scheme and the overall impact of the cover is artistic. Blues music was the specialty of “The Doors” which can be vividly viewed by having a glance at Morrison hotel’s cover.

Never mind the bollocks, here is the sex pistols

Never mind the bollocks, here is the sex pistols album cover

'Never mind the bollocks, here is the sex pistols' by the English punk rock band “Sex Pistols” was a ground breaking album that steered the punk movement. The funky album cover became a great hit with the music fans of the Sex Pistols. The vibrant colors and catchy fonts speak for the music of this exalted rock band.

Unknown Pleasures

Unknown Pleasures album cover\

'Unknown Pleasures' is a debut album by the band “Joy Division”. The album is known to be one the best inspirational music records ever produced. The album cover of the unknown pleasures is incredible for its look and originality. There are no exaggerated details on the cover; it is simple and insignia of the plain punk that was played staggeringly by Joy Division.

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever album cover

'Saturday Night Fever' is one of the most commended American dance film. The Saturday night fever sound track is still the best selling track ever. The disco songs by the “Bee Gees” made this film a super hit of all times. The album cover of this track got acclamation because of the Hollywood star John Travolta who played the lead role in the movie and was featured on the cover. The fashion trends of 70s and the nightclub culture can be previewed through this album cover.


Horses Patti Smith album cover

'Horses' by Patti Smith was the outstanding punk rock debut album that earned Patti universal acclaim. She was a visionary poet and “Horses” was crest of her creative synergy. The album cover has Patti’s photo which is unconventional as it does not propagate sexuality. The exclusivity of the picture speaks aloud about Patti’s punk rock.

The Ramones

The Ramones album cover

'The Ramones' is the album by the renowned American rock band “The Ramones.” Although the band did not receive any noteworthy commercial triumph but it played a significant role in punk rock movement. The album cover of “The Ramones” has the group photo of the band members which portrays the kind of music they are associated with. There is no glamour or superficiality which depicts punk rock, a genre without any superfluities.

Bat out of Hell

Bat out of Hell album cover

'Bat out of Hell' is the most well-liked song played by “Meat Loaf”. The song was stimulation from the teenage tragedy songs. The song has the motorcycle and crash sounds; the album cover gives an animated touch. The bat, motorcycle and the color tones are metaphors for death and tragedy. The graves and the overall ambiance the album cover incarnates truly define the song.

The iconic album covers of the seventies are still unforgettable because of their stirring factor. The music of the seventies was revolutionary for the latest genres that have been introduced recently. These album covers created an enduring impression about musical bands and played a momentous role in earning them positive reception.