Branding Through Green Packaging - Ten Innovative Packaging Designs

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With the increasing awareness of “Green Packaging” various brands are turning towards it. As packaging is one of the essentials to grab customers’ attention every retailer tries to come up with a mind boggling packaging design. It is a wrong notion that environment friendly packaging is dull and can’t be made interesting. I have picked up a few spectacular examples of eco friendly cardboard packaging designs. You’ll be amazed at the creativity of these designs. The concept of “Go Green Packaging” combined with the innovation in design can work wonders for your brand. Get inspired!

Sustain Soap Packaging

This soap box has three cool labels. The brand has printed the graphics of tiger, orangutan and alligator on their boxes which gives them a more natural touch. Each of the boxes has an interesting caption along with the image. Usually soap boxes have their contents listed at the back of the package but this one has “Wash your hands of unsustainable palm oil” written on the front side. This soap packaging clearly has an earthly touch.

Cook It Kitchen Gadgets’ Packaging

Designed by Carly Wright, this is an example of packaging that speaks for the product. These culinary products are targeted for young chefs therefore the packaging is interactive and simply awesome. This packaging is intended for rebranding and as you can see that the designer has nailed it. The boxes are plainly delightful and draw attention straight away.

The Cardboard Life Box

Paul Stemets is indeed an inspiration for designers working on “green packaging designs.” This cardboard life box designed by Paul has seeds implanted in it. The box has a reasonable size to package any product in it and after using it, toss it down into the garden. I am really impressed with this super green packaging design. What about you?

Lee Skinny Jeans’ Packaging

The brand came up with this mind blowing packaging design to endorse their skinny jeans’ range. Being eco-friendly and different these boxes have definitely given a competitive edge to “Lee”. This kind of packaging can play a significant role in marketing new products. I hope to see more creative clothing packaging in future!

The Standard Wax Candle Packaging

Cleverly designed by Travis Laude, this organic packaging design complements the handmade candles of the respective brand. The simple brown recyclable candle boxes with the logo in white look simply nature inspired. When you open the box the product takes you to the time when candles were sacred, romantic or magical.

Creamwheat Packaging

Though this packaging carton maybe somewhat unconventional for cereal but I find it really appealing. You would be bluffed with this packaging as it really looks like a dairy milk carton. Kate Mikutowski has combined the elements of simplicity, uniqueness and sustainability. I reckon more cereal brands would employ Kate’s strategy in their packaging.

The Doss Blockos Beer Packaging

This beer packaging box is not conventionally flashy. The box holds 6 bottles all of which are wrapped in brown paper. A plain cardboard design yet it is handy and worth noticing. It gives the product a natural feel and reminds you of the handmade beer. Doss Blockos has given its consumers a really striking packaging design which is also environment friendly.

Kiwi Talisman Packaging

This compelling cardboard packaging design truly defines the product it carries. Designed by Inch Advertising agency of Ukraine, these cartons are not only attractive but also capacious to store the product that is papier mache animals. Green, white and black colors are used on the abstract shaped boxes which makes them more noticeable. There is a holding handle in every box. Undoubtedly one of the best organic packaging designs ever!

Laucke Flour Packaging

Food packaging has always been too colorful and imagery to draw attention. With the increasing popularity of green packaging it has somewhat become dull. But Laucke Flour packaging design is a balanced blend of traditional and organic. Targeted for bakers, this design fulfills all the parameters of an aesthetically pleasing and recyclable packaging.

Librito De Mi Packaging

An excellent example of personalized packaging as many of us would think of it. Designed by Atolon De Mororoa the box is intended to store the children story books; a fantastic design with clouds and a blue tag which makes it more like a gift box. Children would feel excited to have stories handed over to them in such exciting boxes; the joy of receiving a gift out of such a classic packaging is indeed unforgettable.


Weird Packaging Designs That Will Leave you Wondering – Why?

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This morning I was thinking about writing on creative packaging designs but suddenly I came across some weird examples or you can say overly creative. So I decided to share some “masterpieces” with you. This is an interactive post; I would love to hear your thoughts on these odd packaging designs. Happy reading!

Pizza Box from Hell Pizza New Zealand

With the caption, I’ll see you in hell first”, this is an example of bizarre food packaging. Although to some the “hell and wicked theme” might appeal interesting but I definitely won’t eat a pizza out of this pizza box.

Zombie Blood Energy Potion Pack

Drinks like these are popular with “zombie junkies” but this drink is under strong critique because of its packaging and contents. The packaging firm has been sued by “Harcos” (The manufacturing company) for the blunders that have caused the product to taste bad and the packaging bags to burst.

Jade Monks’ Cranberry Blood Orange Tea

I am a huge fan of spiritual myths but this doesn’t look like a “Tea Box” anyway, it's unique I agree, the colors are quite lively and the graphics are awesome but they fail to explain the connection between the product and packaging.

Konvict Cologne Packaging

Akons’ fragrance “Konvict” that looks like hand cuffs chained is definitely different but I am unable to understand the idea of this perfume packaging. Your thoughts?

Kool Aid Bursts’ packaging

I love the minty colors of these soft drinks however; the bottle tops are really funny. They make me remember the cough syrup bottle that I hate to open. What does this packaging make you think?

Kiss Packaging from Russia

I must say Russian’s creativity is quite “inspirational” however by looking at these vegetable/fruit purees’ packs I don’t know what to comment!

Girl Squirrel underpants by

Funny gifts at are always very excitingbut the packaging of these undies is somewhat off the wall. Some girls might find it cute but for others its’ weird. What do you think?

Corrugated Egg Packaging

Since “Simple is better”, the more complicated your packaging design is the more underrated your product becomes. This corrugated box reminds me of my “Science project” who’ll think of packaging eggs in it? Innovative might be but strange without any fabrication.

Germanium Salt Body Soap

Maybe the designer tried to make a connection with the massage, but naked belly and belly button, seriously? Cosmetic and soap packaging ought to be aesthetically appealing and pleasing but this one is neither exquisite nor striking.

Fit Buns’ Packaging

Food packaging should be refreshing and eye catching. Yes this one is attention grabbing but bizarre. Would you like to take out a bun for breakfast from this pack?

How to Make the Maximum Out of Customers’ Testimonials for your Business?

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It’s a common notion that we feel inclined towards the brands and products recommended by our buds and acquaintances. Therefore, customer testimonials have become one of the essentials of branding and product recognition. Almost every other brand uses them on their websites, brochures and social media pages to enhance its credibility. However, using the testimonials doesn’t always work for every business. The key is to use the “Real” testimonials. Let’s look at some of the ways on how you can make the maximum out of customer testimonials for your branding and marketing.


Instead of using exaggerated details be genuinely simple
No matter, how cool your copy writer is, the original praise words from a client are more likely to make an impact. People read and trust the writings they can relate to and if your customers’ testimonials are not genuine, they would give a serious blow to your brands’ image in the long run. The exaggerated details about a product or brand like “how incredible” and “out of the world” create a bizarre feeling. So make sure that you don’t fabricate the testimonials.

Relevant and long testimonials should be preferred
“Short and snappy” may work for some other advertising tool but testimonials should be long and relevant enough to compel the readers. We come across several sites where people have given very terse testimonials. “It was awesome”, “amazing experience”. Though these words are conveying a positive impact but they fail to express what particular product the customers are referring to. Always ask for a relevant and relatively long testimonial.

Never print a customer testimonial without seeking permission
The ethics of business are to do everything according to some rules and regulations. While you have asked your customers to give a feedback about your product, doesn’t give you an authority to print their comments without permission. So ask them nicely, if you can use their feedback on your website, social media pages or printed materials. You can send a draft of the testimonial before publishing it and if the customer agrees to print as it is, go ahead.

Testimonials should be from people who truly represent your audience
Asking for testimonials from random customers wouldn’t be that effectual if you pick out a segment that mirrors your target audience. For instance, if you have a cosmetic brand and you want testimonials for endorsing your anti aging cream. Make a list of the customers who have purchased that cream and send them questionnaires regarding the product. Using testimonials from the relevant audience would give your product a plus point.

Paid Testimonials
Offering a gift or discount for a testimonial would encourage the customers to give you feedback happily. However, if you offer money for a testimonial, it’s likely to tarnish your brands’ image. Make sure that you sustain your integrity and don’t pay a penny for seeking testimonials. Customers’ praise words written with kindness would appeal the readers instead of phony paid testimonials.

Weighty Testimonials from the celebs
We all have a favorite celebrity, what he/she wears, endorses or says becomes the universal truth for us. Most of the brands choose a famous movie or sports celebrity to endorse their products. Hence the testimonials written by the famous movie or sports stars play a significant role in product promotion. So while you are planning to use a celebrity testimonial, make sure that the public figure doesn’t have any controversial repute. In addition to showbiz celebs, business tycoons, famous doctors and go getters belonging to any field can be asked for testimonials.

Photos and videos with testimonials make them more credible
“Seeing is believing”, if you put clients’ photos or videos along with the testimonials they would definitely make a greater impact than mere words. The picture or video of the customer using your product and commenting positively on it is likely to influence the minds of the viewers. While inserting pictures and videos, make sure the people you are showing are not larger than life. Your target audience is likely to relate with ordinary people having regular lifestyles. However, depending upon the product and target market, exceptions can be made.

Make the testimonials worth reading
If you simply just paste the testimonials that tell how good your product/services are, readers would get bored reading one or two. However, if you creatively use some styles of listing testimonials they would grab more attention. For example, if a testimonial states how your product has eased the life of customer or it looks like solution to a problem, the readers would definitely try your product. Be creative and come up with more striking ways of publishing testimonials.

Asking for testimonials from your contemporaries
In addition to the companies that are your clients, use your goodwill to get testimonials from the contemporary businesses. Testimonials can be exchanged with companies that have solid repute in the market. But make sure that the opinions expressed in the testimonials are honest. The quality of the content and the tone with which it is written will determine the credibility of a testimonial, so while exchanging testimonials make sure that you stay candid as well.

Updating the testimonials at regular intervals
Posting the testimonials just once is not enough to run a successful marketing campaign. You need to update the customers’ reviews and testimonials regularly to retain interest of the readers.

The testimonials that you receive from your special clients should be posted/published with their website addresses. This would let the potential customers have an overview of your valued clients’ profiles.

Customer feedback is vital for the businesses to perk up their services; testimonials are likely to help you with branding and marketing both. If you have some more tips on using testimonials for business promotion feel free to share with us in the comments below!

Colors and Cultures – Meanings of Colors across Different Cultures

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Colors like symbols have specific meanings associated with them. Since the times immemorial civilizations have made use of colors for manifesting emotions. Different cultures have varying connotations for colors. So while you are marketing a wider target audience worldwide understanding various cultural color implications would help conveying your message. Moreover over the years the ideas related to colors’ psychology have changed. Many eastern societies have adopted the western ideas and vice versa. Here I am listing some colors’ inferences as used in different societies.


Usually the color “red” is associated with energy, passion, warning or danger. It is also called the color of “love”. In Eastern societies, red connotes good luck, this is the reason it is worn by brides in India and Pakistan. In Western culture, red combined with green implicates the feeling of “joy” or “celebration”. Whereas in eastern culture, the same inference is taken when red is combined with white. In China “Red” is the most versatile color that is worn on weddings and funerals alike. It is the “color of festivity”, therefore most of the celebrations in China including the New Years’ Eve are “red themed”. In India red is the color of “beauty, fertility and wealth”. In Japan red symbolizes “life and anger”. Australians take red as a ceremonial color.


The color range signifies fun, friendship, happiness and autumn. It is also the color of optimism and communication.The negative implications of this color include pessimism and showiness. In Western cultures “orange” is the color associated with affordable items or comfort. It is also the “Halloween color”. Eastern cultures take “orange” color as a sign of happiness and spirituality. It is the color symbolizing religion in Ireland. The Irish flag has it along with green and white. In India, mild orange is considered a sacred color. In Netherlands “orange” is an exclusive color used by the Dutch Royal family. Orange is also the color of “youth, heat and energy”. This is the reason most of the youth’s products we come across have orange color tones.


Being the symbol of hope, comfort and caution yellow is one of the most striking colors. In the Western societies, “yellow” represents joy and optimism. The negative implications include cowardice. It is also used strongly as a color of “warning”. In eastern cultures yellow signifies imperialism and purity. In China “yellow” shows masculinity, honor and royalty. In India and Thailand “yellow” is the sacred color. It is taken as the color of Buddhism and represents wisdom. In Egypt and Burma it is the color of sorrow. In Japan yellow implicates courage, joy and beauty. In France wearing yellow means you are jealous. Yellow is also known as the color of cleanliness, therefore the retailers use yellow color schemes for hygiene products’ packaging to make them compelling for the onlookers.


Also known as the color of nature, “green” connotes life, money, health, luck and security. In the West “green” is taken as the color of good luck, spring, Saint Patrick’s Day and Christmas. In East this color is representative of new life and optimism. In USA “green” implicates money or jealousy. In China green is taken as the color of fertility, exorcism and new life. Its’ negative connotations include disgrace. In India and Pakistan it is the color of Islam, virtue and hope. Japanese wear green to show youthfulness and eternal life. In Ireland “green” implies Catholics’ population. In Egypt it is the color of spring. In Middle East and Saudi Arabia “green” is emblem of luck, prestige, fertility and religion. Brighter tones of green color are used for conveying the meanings of safety. This explains why banks and most of the pharmaceutical companies use green themes for their logos.


One of the favorite colors of people around the world, blue implies calmness, authority, stability and nature. Western societies take “blue” as the color of peace, trust and baby boys. The negative meanings associated with “blue” include depression. In the East blue represents immortality and generally taken as the color of females. In India “blue” is the color of Lord Krishna. In Japan it is the color of life. In Korea it is the opposite, blue symbolizes mourning. In Belgium baby girls wear blue. In Egypt and Middle East it is symbol of protection. Different religions have varying blue color implications, in Christianity, it is the Jesus’ color, in Judaism it represents purity and in Hinduism it is taken as the Lord Krishna’s color.  Blue has very strong political meanings attached to it. In USA, UK, European politics it is used for manifesting moderation and conservativeness.


The color of creativity, purple generally signifies fun, femininity and royalty. In the West purple is the color symbolizing fame, wealth, authority (particularly military). Eastern cultures also take purple as the color of prestige. In India, it is used as a manifestation of sorrow and comfort. In Thailand purple is worn by the widows. In Brazil too, it implies sorrow and death. In Europe and Japan purple color is used to show off wealth, royalty and honor. Opulence of luxury and wealth are represented through “purple”. It is also one of the preferred celebrity colors.


The symbol of purity, peace and salvation, white has more multicultural contexts than any other color. In the West white is the color perceived with weddings, spirituality and angels. In the East however, white is worn for funerals and death. It is the color of sorrow. In China white implies humility, purity and bad luck. In India white is used for expressing sorrow, usually worn at the death of close family members, relatives and friends. In Japan white is taken in the similar context. In Thailand and Korea, white color signifies purity, innocence and morality. The strongest universal implication of white is birth and death. This connotation is vividly used in the movies for conveying a certain message to the audience.


The color of mystery, darkness, power and simplicity. Black used to have more negative implications. However in the recent times black is becoming the color of attitude and fashion. In the Western societies, black is used as a symbol of power, mourning and rebellion. In East it signifies wealth and success. Indian people use black color for showing darkness, negativity and anger. Japanese take black as the color of night and mystery. Thai people associate black color with unhappiness and evil. Judaism has similar inferences regarding this color. In Africa, black represents wisdom. Australians merrily use black in their art designs. It is also worn on festivities there. The most explicit meanings of black are power and strength, which is why corporate world use this color for branding.


This color represents practicality, comfort, elegance and sensuality. Also called the color of “earth” brown connotes richness and comfort. In the Western societies, it is the color signifying stability, humbleness and nature. In the East especially in India it is taken as the color of sorrow. In Nicaragua, it shows displeasure. Chinese consider brown as the earthly color in their horoscopes. For its strict association with nature, brown is widely used for organic products’ packaging as the target audience is more likely to perceive the product “natural”.


The color of femininity, love, fun and youth, pink is becoming a hot favorite color in fashion industry. The Western culture associates this color with care, romance and love. In both Eastern and Western societies pink is a feminine color. In Europe pink is worn by the baby girls however conversely in Belgium it is the color for baby boys. In Japan pink is popular with both the genders. In Korea pink symbolizes trust. Being the color of women breast cancer organizations and NGO’s working for women’s issues use this color in their logos and manifestos. The brands catering to women products also prefer pink for their packaging designs.

If you know some more meanings related to the colors mentioned above, feel free to enlighten us in the comments below!

Ten Things Every Printing Startup should Consider

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“Don’t let people tell you your ideas are stupid. If you are really passionate about something, find a way to build it.” - Dennis Crowley

To start off something you believe in seems enticing but it also has some do’s and don’ts associated with it. Printing business is considered a lucrative one; however printing startups have to put in maximum dedication and hard work to get noticed in the market. Every startup has its unique challenges along with some common ones. Here are few things every printing startup should consider to kick-start their business.

To stand out among your competitors, Work out that “Spark”
According to Sam Walton, “High Expectations are the key to everything.” While you are out there in the market, what makes you unique from others is the commitment to come up with the best. Startups should not be afraid of risks or experiments. If you want to earn customers’ trust and brand credibility, focus on being determined in what you believe. Success would come your way once you are honest with yourself.

Don’t be afraid to fail
“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.” - Richard Branson. When you are new in the market, you are alien to a number of rules. With each passing day you get to know about new things and some of them are learnt at the cost of making mistakes. Don’t let an unpleasant incident ruin your will power. Take of it as a learning experience and move on with bigger goals ahead.

Having a business plan is quite a good idea
Planning things up would help you in the long run. Make a workable business plan for a printing company. “Well begun is half done” - If you know that you are executing your plan accordingly, you would feel relieved. The plan should include your products/services, target audience, management team and other basic details. Define your tagline and objectives. While you are at it, assess your performance on regular basis and keep track of things that work for you.

Sales don’t happen unless you chalk out an effective marketing strategy
Market research should be done to identify your potential buyers. Once you know what the consumers would ask for, market your products in an efficient manner. The price, promotional packages and the perception with which the target audience would receive a product/ service are all important aspects of a marketing strategy.

Looking for customer retention? Make sure you give them what they want
Steve Jobs rightly opined that “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” Catering to the needs of heterogeneous target market gets tricky at times. Build something which is either cheaper or innovative than your competitors and keep evolving with the passage of time. Otherwise you could make good money initially but customers won’t be coming back after sometime.

A competent team is likely to give your company a competitive edge
“The cost of hiring someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good.” - Joe Kraus. Having an experienced and accomplished team is a great blessing. Printing, just like other businesses has many areas of expertise. So if you have really skilled graphic designers, production team members, Sales and Marketing people, the chances to get success are remarkably high. Efficient human resource is more important for a business than machines.

For long term customer loyalty, always offer affordable prices
Customers always feel inclined towards companies that offer high quality at affordable prices. You can pitch your target audience very shrewdly by providing them premium products at low prices. This would help building a long lasting relationship with your clients. You can have special discount packages for the first few customers; this would play a significant role in brand recall.

Social Media marketing is the new way of customer acquisition. Agree?
Having your Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Linkedin pages would help people to search you, share and recommend your services to friends and acquaintances. For a startup business social media marketing provides many perks. As compared to paid media, this mode attracts greater traffic. Moreover when you have a limited number of employees, social media increase your exposure and reduces your marketing expenses to a considerable level.

Innovation of ideas is a must have for global business environment
“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” - William Pollard. Innovation relating to your products’ improvement, branding and customer services is vital for survival amongst your competitors. Being unique gives you a competitive edge and provides you an opportunity to reach a wider target audience.

Learn and communicate with cream of the crop printing companies
Follow the cream of the crop in your area of expertise and learn from them. While you are new in the business, make contacts with the giants of the industry. You can take useful tips from them on implementing the business plan and nailing your target audience.Taking a leaf out of their book can be handy if you are stuck and seem short of ideas.

Always think that whatever you have achieved is satisfactory yet not enough to live the dream think of attaining better, in fact the best!

How Reddit and Yelp used Smart Sticker Marketing to Kick-Start their Business in Early days?

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An inspirational sticker marketing campaign can work wonders in floating your business idea across the board. Small businesses especially the startups can make the best out of vinyl, car and window stickers. Being a catchy and cost efficient advertising tool; stickers convey your message to wider target audience. They are becoming an important strategic marketing gizmo. Here we are sharing the success stories of two web giants of our times.


Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian (The founders of Reddit) were graduates of the University of Virginia. In 2005 they got funding from Y Combinator to start their website. The site initially had no categories. According to Alexis Ohanian,”We launched the site without any categories-just one big front page of links about anything the community wanted. Today, the community is made up of thousands of awesome subreddits, ranging from topics like cute animal photos to politics to male fashion advice. And this marvelous community of communities owes its existence to a massive advertising budget of ...$500. To date this is the sum of money that has been spent advertising Reddit. Five hundred dollars and every dollar of it spent on stickers.”

Alexis pasted the stickers around different corners of the town. During meetings and events he and his partner handed over their stickers to the participants. They even gave them to the passersby. Totally unaware of the significance of this cost effective marketing tool, Alexis and Steve focused on building an online community and providing them a platform for sharing any kind of information. To their surprise after few months they got to know through internet, how the stickers were getting popular with the people. All this happened because of the “brand affiliation”. People started associating themselves with “Reddit” and this is how the community evolved.

With more than 5400 subbredits (areas of interest or topics under discussion); Reddit has made its way to millions of users thanks to a $500 sticker marketing campaign. 


Started off in 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman, Russel Simons and Geoff Donaker; Yelp initially as a recommendation website didn’t gain popularity. In 2006, Michelle Broderick who was Yelps’ Community manager for Seattle floated a smart window sticker marketing idea. At that time Yelp was a big hit in San Francisco and was getting good response from the users in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle but the rest of the cities didn’t know Yelp.

With “People love us on Yelp” the designing team came up with window clings that they mailed to the targeted cities’ restaurants. Initially the diners’ owners didn’t put up the stickers on their windows as they were reluctant to promote a site they never heard about. To quote Brad Porteus Former Yelp VP,”In markets where Yelp was much more unknown, we heard stories that shop owners were throwing these letters and clings away when they got them, and a few months later being sick about it, realizing that they had thrown away solid gold. They started calling us and asking for us to resend it to them. It seemed like it might be working.

Then, we started hearing from business owners that they needed a new one, because someone had stolen theirs right off their storefront window. The window cling was made out of vinyl, not a real sticker, so it could be peeled off a window and pinched by a customer or competitor. Stealing?!  Now we really knew this thing had legs.”

Sticker marketing was a success at Austin, Portland, Atlanta and New York. The persuasive text on window clings made a lasting impact on the onlookers and it created a win-win situation for both Yelp and local businesses. At the end of 2007, Yelp made this sticker program an annual fixture and still going on as it is.

Ten Packaging Designs I Wish I had Designed!

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We come across several kinds of packaging products each day. The designs which are unique make a product noteworthy. Different brands are competing hard to provide their customers exclusive packaging designs. A striking packaging label is the one that is attractive, conveys a terse message and convinces the consumer to buy the product. Here I am listing ten enticing packaging designs that are significant for their artistry and appeal.

McDonald’s Fries’ Boxes

McDonald’s Fries’ Boxes Design by Ben Frost

The boxes designed by the legendary artist Ben Frost are remarkable for their creativity. Portraying pop art and acrylic through McDonald’s product packaging he implied how pop culture and fast food are popular in the society. The glimpses of street art can also be seen on this packaging design. The fries’ boxes have Simpsons, batman, family guy and pop icons drawings with pertinent yellow and red color schemes.

Morrison’s “Love in a Cup”

Morrison’s “Love in a Cup” Packaging Design

UK’s superstore Morrisons made their tea bags a hot selling item through insightful packaging design. The credit of this likable packaging goes to the Elmwood agency. Love in a cup has different captions for each brew. The fonts are peculiar and handwritten which make them innovative.

Deutsch Design Works’ Face Cups

Deutsch Design Works’ Face Cups Packaging Design

The face cups are designed by Jess Giambroni whose artistic prowess can be explicitly viewed through this product. These cups have received a positive reception. Sketches and stenciling always looks inspirational. The popularity of face cups is a motivation for sketchers; their work can be turned in to superb packaging ideas.

Smirnoff’s Caipiroska Peelable Bottle

Smirnoff’s Caipiroska Peelable Bottle Packaging Design

The Brazilian alcohol company Smirnoff launched their product bottles with the lemon, berries and passion fruits peels. The purpose of this brilliant packaging design is to make the consumers feel that they are having a refreshing and natural drink. The man behind this innovation is J Walter Thompson.

Pulp Frictions’ Drink Canes

Pulp Frictions’ Drink Canes Movie Inspired Packaging Design

Pulp Friction’s nutritional drinks are packaged in canes that have dreamy color schemes and cinematic names like “Blueberry Velvet” and “Black cherry Swan”. Woody Harrington is credited with this remarkable design that is movie inspired. The added details on these carbonated drink canes like nutritional facts are also given in a theatrical manner. Movie junkies are in love with this cool packaged drink.

Visual Advice’s Milk packaging

Visual Advice’s Incredible Milk packaging Design

Visual Advice is a UK design studio, commendable for its supreme packaging artworks. The classic Milk packaging introduced by this agency is eye catching and handy. This milk carton can be modified to desired specifications depending upon the quantity to be packaged.

NYC Spaghetti

NYC Spaghetti Packaging Designed by Alex Creamer

Dieline award winner, this packaging design was created by Alex Creamer. The base of the package is shaped like Chrysler building. Spaghetti when placed in the box makes a skyscraper form. The simple yet marvelous packaging idea turned this university project in to a phenomenal success.

Two Hoots

Two Hoots Packaging Design

This funky wine label packaging was designed by Maegan Brown to match the traits of the product with the target audience. The owls on each label have distinctive characteristics just like the wines that have different flavors. Screaming and dotted owls on Cabernet Rose and Merlot complement the aromas of the respective wines.

Pasta La Vista

Being the brand of variety ofItalian handmade macaroni products; Pasta La Vista made their packaging attention grabbing by having the boxes shaped like four chefs with names Mario, Francesco, Giovanni and Francesca. Andrew Gorkovenko designed these pasta boxes to make the potential consumers relate with the product. The windows in the boxes reveal each kind of pasta. This is a clever packaging design which endorses that cooking pasta can be so much fun.

Flash Fiction Matchbooks

Flash Fiction Matchbooks packaging design

The renowned designer Woody Harrington took inspiration from Lou Beach’s work for crafting these fictional matchbooks. Nine matchbooks have different stories; titles and color themes comply with each specific tale. Harrington’s story telling matchbook design is laudable for its aesthetic touch.

For more fascinating packaging ideas also check out this Amazing Packaging Designs Infographic.

Avail This One Time Opportunity to Cut your Printing Costs up to 30%

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Web to Print:Boon for Customers, Bane for Printers

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Internet is flooded with thousands of online printing companies which are catering to the requirements of a cohort of businesses across the globe. The enticing world of online shopping and services is facilitating millions of customers. The concept of online stores and vendors gained popularity over the span of two decades or so. The countless blessings of acquiring the services of online vendors include ease of doing business and cost effectiveness as the primary one. You save a considerable amount of time, money and resources, dealing with online printers. The perks that W2P offer make the printing experience worthwhile for the customers; however for printers, competing with the competitors and retaining the customers is a tricky task.

How Web to Print is helping customers?

Online Printing Quote
For workaholics getting an online printing quote is an added advantage. Instead of going to the commercial printers physically W2P offers the online and custom quotes which make the printing job expedient for the businesses. You can fill up the designated specifications for your product and place the order. The quantity, width, height and length are mentioned in the custom quotes which enhances the credibility of printing from your vendor. Moreover you can make any changes even after filling up the information. It takes just a few clicks to send the requisites for your product to the online printer.

Cost Efficiency
The notion that W2P is expensive as compared to the local printers is a misconception. Monthly deals and discounts online printers offer save you quite a reasonable amount of money. Moreover when you order stationary products in bulk quantities a considerable sum of money is saved. For instance folders and carbonless forms are imperative printing items for almost all business entities. Online printers are slashing prices to win over customers which are again benefiting the end consumers.

Unlimited Customized and Finishing Options
W2P offers numerous exciting customized and finishing options that add a tint of innovation to your brochures, flyers, business cards and folders. The embossing, foil stamping, debossing, UV coat, lamination, gloss and matte finishing options make your printed articles mind boggling and play a significant role in boosting up your standing. W2P is making the maximum out of the latest printing techniques; consumers are experiencing the top notch printing solutions.

Customer Care Services
Customer care services have improved dramatically over the years. W2P are engaging clients on every platform whether it is online chat support or social media marketing. It has become quite easy to reach out printers and registering your concerns and complaints. The response is usually very forthcoming.  Many W2P have introduced different innovative customer care services like online orders tracking, billing and shipment. Communication is very crucial for W2P and meeting this challenge every online vendor is entertaining the concerns of their respective clients. The artwork and material options are being easily discussed online. This has increased the customer loyalty and more entities are turning towards W2P.

Productivity for Small Businesses
For startups the most troubling endeavor is to get the marketing strategy implemented within an allocated budget. W2P is aiding small businesses in floating their business ideas and boosting their sales. From stickers to packaging boxes printing at affordable rates from online printers has helped many startup business entities to strengthen their footing in the niche.
Challenges for W2P Companies
The number of online printing vendors is increasing, making the W2P quite a competitive ground. Customer retention and customer acquisition both have become difficult due to so many options available to prospective print customers.

Every business has competitors and to stand out prominently among them is among the prior goals of each entity. Online printers are facing the unique challenge of competing in a space where entry to doing business is as easy as setting up a website. In this cut throat competition innovation and cost effectiveness have become two driving factors for W2P. This has become a matter of survival and every online printer is aware of the fact that they have to be “incessantly unique” and creative to build an illustrious identity amongst their contenders.

Inefficient Work Force
Many people are not well acquainted with the W2P concept. Online printing companies are facing a dilemma with finding the relevant work force. Most of the job searchers don’t have W2P background. It consumes a lot resources and man power hours to train work force to meet the demanding challenges of doing business online. Demands of increasing online presence and at the same time trying to cut down production costs W2P owners are always at dilemma. Finding the right candidates is becoming a daunting task for W2P. Investing in the training of available services of both IT and press experts can help the online printers to solve the labor force issue.

Value Addition Services for Customers
Consumers are always looking for something out of the blue. They like creativity and if you stop giving them options they get bored and start searching for more. So one of the biggest challenges W2P is dealing with is that they have to come up with innovative solutions and provide their customers with dozens of staggering options. The printing companies have to purchase high tech equipment and employ proficient team to gratify the aesthetics of their venerated clients.

Cost of doing business:
The ups and downs in economy are also affecting the W2P and it’s becoming difficult to maintain a balance between the production cost and the profit margin. Many online printers are facing a bleak situation where they are unable to cope up with the financial crunch. The economic recession also left its impact on the online vendors and they are struggling to recover from that.

W2P is indeed serving multitude of individuals and enterprises; apart from providing the customers with indefinite advantages the challenges those online printers encounter are threatening their own existence. 

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Printing Company

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common mistakes to avoid while choosing a printing company“To err is human” holds true for every single venture of our lives. Whether we are buying something or getting the services of a vendor there are some common mistakes that we all make. Choosing an online or local printer for your personal and professional requirements; make a list checker for the mandatory points that should be kept in mind. We are elucidating ten mistakes which many of us might make while choosing a printing company.

Making a preference based on low price
Amongst the devious marketing strategies; the primary one is to allure your target market by offering lowest market rates. The punch lines like” We offer you the best”. “ Get the true worth for your money” might entice you to make a deal with a printer offering you cheap rates for your brochures, business cards, flyers and other products. But that does not guarantee the quality of the products. The printed promotional articles are emblem of your business. They can earn you an illustrious identity in the niche. Would you like to blow away your impression for a few bucks? Always keep in mind that it is rare that a printing company offers extremely reasonable rates with superior quality.

The notion that all printing vendors offer similar services
People who are not familiar with the printing technicalities are of the view that working with every printer is the same; all printing companies offer similar products so why make a choice for a particular one? This notion that the services of all printers are same is utterly wrong. Every printing company has different way of working, technical experts and equipment. Moreover the latest evolution in printing techniques is being utilized by a fewer vendors. So while opting for your printing retailer; have a thorough overview regarding their company. Ask for samples; go through some literature about printing lingo and ask questions. That will help you gauging the footing of your printer.

Employing more than one printer for your jobs
Keeping your options and alternatives is insightful but if you switch printers frequently; no prestigious printing company would cater to your requirements in hours of urgency. It is obvious that we want our printing materials produced within our budget but quality should always be the topmost priority. All the celebrated printers have their esteemed clients whom they honor and serve unconditionally. Make yourself a valued customer of an illustrious printing vendor instead of tumbling from one printer to the next.

The contemplation that only technicalities count for perfect printing
You might be alien to the printing world and it is a common feeling that all a printer needs is efficient equipment for printing. It is true that the quality of printing presses play a crucial role in the overall impact of a brochure, business card or flyer but this is not the only key element for ideal printing. The artwork of the printed articles is equally important as the press. While getting your job done through a printer make sure that the graphics team you are working with is skilled enough to provide the stupefying options for your products. The quality of the materials that are used for printing affects the sturdiness of the stickers, folders and other products. So verify that your printed is using high quality vinyl and cardstock.

The habit of getting things done in a rush
We want things to happen our way and within the time period we define. This can be a serious disaster for your marketing campaign if you push your printer for meeting a deadline in days; that actually requires a month or more. This builds up a pressure and your vendor would make mistakes that you have to pay for later on. So instead of being assertive facilitate your printer with a convenient timeframe to print your job. This would be a great motivational kick for the printing company to deliver you its best.

Working with a printer that has no defined rules
Dealing with a printing company that has no set rules for working, production and shipment would prove really troublesome. If you haven’t checked the working ambiance of your printing company before signing up for it; you’ll suffer the consequences. So be wise and probe well the terms and conditions of the printer you are planning to deal with. Save yourself time and money.

Treating your printing vendor disgracefully
Every business entity demands respect and it is considered uncivilized to disrespect the people you are trading with. Being bossy won’t help you getting your work done. So be polite to your printer, if you deal respectfully with a printing company they’ll enlist you among their venerated customers with magnanimous benefits.

Not judging the credibility
Ifyou are working with a printer for the first time; look out for the references that might help you in making a prudent decision. It is recommended that you should work with a renowned printing retailer but if you want to experience the services of a new printer make sure that you have pertinent information regarding their quality of work. Customer’s testimonials and samples can also help you estimating the credibility of a printing company. 

Lack of communication
Correspondence at different stages of your printing venture is necessary between you and your printer. A misunderstanding would affect the relationship and quality of your products. So always ask the vendor to keep you updated about the job. Take interest in the printing procedures; ask questions from the relevant people to get enlightened about the printing processes. The interaction with your printer would benefit you in the long run.

The perception that every online printer is reliable
Online printing companies are gratifying the business needs of a cohort of customers. However not every online portal is reliable and trading with an online printer should be based on thorough research of their credentials. There are many fraudulent sites that’ll beguile you with their professional outlook and special discount offers. Go for a printer that has probable orientation.